Getting the Boot!

4 thoughts on “Getting the Boot!”

  1. Thank you for your forthright views on so many issues that bother me as well. I think that our specialty mirrors the decline of healthcare in general, but even so each day is full of small miracles. I was able to maintain the goals of care for an oncology patient last week whose oncologist didn’t want to give her up. The brother was actually going to send the oncology clinic a letter requesting they honor her wishes. But I honored her wishes and she was at peace with the decision. It is the cases like this that bleach the red flags of healthcare. Thank you for your inspirational, forthright, comical, spitfire views that breathe life back into a system ready for hospice itself. God bless you always.

  2. I’m sorry, the institution booted you couldn’t see the ethical and legal implications of that Providers practice!
    I once had an oncologist ” have a talk” with me for advocating for a person who didn’t even want to see an oncologist. They immediately wanted home care with a later hospice transition. I told him there was no changing her mind so what was I to do? His response. ” With treatment I could have kept her around to see at least Christmas in 6 months, maybe more!” ( I told him she was aware and didn’t want the side effects and suffering and angst. ( she told me that all on her own as I was encouraging at least a covo with him or someone else.) He glared at me, called her in front of me…… She refused the appointment, basically told him off. We didn’t get another consult from him ever, but he left the institution a year later.

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