Overtreatment, the River Styx and End-of-Life Conversations 

5 thoughts on “Overtreatment, the River Styx and End-of-Life Conversations ”

  1. Rebecca, thank you for expressing this so clearly. I will definitely explore the concept of “Sense of Coherence, Salutogenesis (the source of well-being) and end-of-life for older people may very well be a developmental phase worthy of examination independent of other life phases. ” we see too many at the end of life that have unknowingly reached that point and are ill-prepared for the end. Preparing the patient and their families is why palliative care is so important and why it is my mission

  2. I could not agree more with this article. Thank you for saying this out loud and in such an articulate way! As an educator in palliative care for aged care workers, and a passionate death literacy educator, I try and bring this message of “prolonged dying” rather than prolonged life to as many as I can. I will be sharing this!

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