Palliative Chemotherapy: An Oxymoron

4 thoughts on “Palliative Chemotherapy: An Oxymoron”

  1. ‘Reframing hope’ is well-empasized. I will never be able to hear about cancer being “treatable” now without realizing this euphemism is likely provider-centered, not patient-centered. Everything is potentially ‘treatable’! An expression that certainly “must give us pause” prior to our mortal coil shuffle – indeed.

  2. I think we really need to understand. I referred a patient to a friend alliaitice team recently. He has an old VP shunt that is leaking from his neck. He has an and hernia the diazepam of a football at free they did surgery for liver cancer 2 years ago. He had a wide excision from
    A cancerous lesion on his leg in the past 6 months. He has chronic leg pain of which he has had several injections. He has been in 3 different meds for depression which have given him
    Bad side effects. And he was told since he does not have active cancer or active cardiac disease he is a no a candidate for palliative care. I am so upset. I may call. The team and advocate for him

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